Christina Jeannie Lattimer is an agent of the warehouse. She is the daughter of Myka and Pete Lattimer and has been in the warehouse the longest out of the new agents. Her partner is Jared Brunsky. She is portrayed by Summer Glau.


CJ is a lot like her mother

Who is none other than Myka Bering

She loves reading, always corrects people and is very intelligent. But in many ways she's like her dad. She's a bit goofy, childish, goes with her instinct and loves quoting movies and comic books. She gets vibes too and thinks it's terribly annoying H.G. is her god mother and Myka chose her name. Since H.G. is one if her best friends she decided to name her kid after H.G.'s deceased daughter and her middle name is Pete's deaf older sister, Jeannie.

"It's fun to be rebellious" 

Christina loves writing, reading, movies, adventure, pranks and playing with artifacts She has always been a creative person who would often get lost in thought. She had a terrible habit of not eating when she is very stressed


Even though Pete and Myka worked together they never recognized their feelings for each other during their snagging of the dog tags. The artifact remained dormant for years but the effects eventually came back. So, that's how pete awkwardly told his daughter about how she was born. At least nothing that would gross her out but she did question how that was scientifically possible...


Love InterestsEdit

Jared and cj

Jared BrunskyEdit

  • Jared and Christiana started of as enemies because she was against him becoming an agent but they later became friends after he saves her life. After sometimes Jared realizes that he loves her but didn't want to ruin their partnership so he keeps it a secret.


Lena JinksEdit

  • Christina and Lena are best friends for life, Lena even said it herself, they're like sisters and she would die for Christina.


  • "Its fun to be rebellious"
  • "Dad, I love you and all but get out"
  • "Am I the only the one who finds this hilarious?"