Jared Brunsky is the partner of Christina Lattimerand one of the newer agents of at the warehouse. He is portrayed by Jake Abel.


Despite his abrasive personality, Jared cares about his friends and dislikes hurting them. Jared is a cold, stoic, and arrogant person who shows little regard to the lives of those around him, even his fellow agents. Despite his words, Jared is frequently seen saving those around him, and even putting his own life at risk, though he does it grudgingly and openly complains. Jared's personality does not seem to have changed since he was young. Jared was moody and easily annoyed.


Love InterestsEdit

Christina LattimerEdit

  • Jared and Christiana started of as enemies because she was against him becoming an agent but they later became friends after he saves her life. After sometimes Jared realizes that he loves her but didn't want to ruin their partnership so he keeps it a secret.


Lena JinksEdit

  • Jared and Lena have a unique friendship. They show more of a stereotypical brother-sister relationship with both making fun of one other, and coming to the other for advice. Lena's perspective, she most likely sees Jared as a surrogate brother. She is shown throughout the show reprimanding Jared, both physically and verbally, whenever he does something insulting that she doesn't approve of.