Myka Ophelia Bering is a former agent of the United States Secret Service stationed at Warehouse 13 in South Dakota, and the former partner of Pete Lattimer. After resigning from the warehouse Myka married Pete and has a daughter, Christina Lattimer.


Myka likes puzzles and skating because it helps her think. She does not eat sugar except under stress, which likely stems from her strong desire to do things by the book and retain a considerable amount of control over every aspect of her life. Her compulsivity and need for control likely stem from Sam's influence and subsequent death, and what she felt was her part in it. She used to be emotional, impulsive and quick to action, but has changed since she worked with in that particular Secret Service office. Myka has also begun to relax after working at the Warehouse indicating she may have found a balance between who she is and who she was. She also has a fear of heights (as mentioned in "the 40th Floor") and a fear of creatures that have tentacles such as jellyfish and octopuses.


Early on in her life, in Colorado Springs, Myka's parents opened a bookstore called, "Bering and Sons," even though she has no brothers. The 'and Sons' was only added to make the establishment sound classier. Unlike her sister, Tracy, Myka was a tomboy and thus, instead of growing up playing with Barbies, she was a member of Girl Scouts of the USA. As a teenager one of her hobbies was fencing.[1] She attended Lincoln High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and graduated in 2000, which makes her age approximately 30. She is also fluent in at least four languages other than English: French,Russian Portuguese and Latin. She also shows expertise in martial arts. She has a tattoo of the infinity symbol on her inner right ankle, visible in Duped .