Warehouse 13 Next Generation Wiki

Warehouse 13 the next Generation is about the next generation of agents at the Warehouse. Involving Christina Lattimer, the daughter of Pete and Myka Lattimer who has been dealing with artifacts sense oly 12 years of age, Jared Brunsky, Jared is one of the newer members of the warehouse becoming an agent after Myka volunteered Pete to keep in eye on him when his parents were out of town and he became involved with an artifact, Austin Leist Myers is another one of the newer members, he joined the warehouse when Miss Fredrick asked him too at the suggestion of Lena Jinks,Claudia's biological daughter and Steve's adopted one who has been playing in the warehouse sense she was a baby and is an expert hacker. These are the new Warehouse 13 agents, now they have to see if they can make it as a team.

The Agents

Christina Lattimer
Jared Brunsky
Austin Leist Myers
Lena Jinks
CJ with a gun
Lena at the diner
Summer Glau
Jake Abel
Neil Patrick Harris
Felicia Day